The Conjuring 2 out of Warcraft and Now You See Me 2

After being released in various countries over the past two weeks, the Warcraft movie adaptation video game has finally aired in the US and Canada starting last weekend. The film actually got a lot of negative criticism in the US, but still able to grab second place at the box office with the amount of 24.1 million US dollars. Nevertheless, the figure remains small for a $ 160 million budget film. Since it seems almost impossible to turn back from domestic cinema performances, Warcraft seems to have to rely on international circulation to make a profit. The Conjuring 2 sits on top with $ 40.4 million in its first weekend. This amount is fairly with the initial acquisition of his first film, The Conjuring (2013), which reached 41.8 million US dollars in the first week. Not only that, the number achieved by The Conjuring 2 already covered the cost of production that reached 40 million US dollars a fairly large amount for the size of Hollywood horror. For those of you who are looking forward to acting Patrick Wilson in a horror movie, you can watch it streaming on

In a rare enough situation at the weekly US and Canadian box office, horror films outperformed blockbuster action genre films released simultaneously. The achievement was achieved by The Conjuring 2, the supernatural horror film directed by James Wan, who became number one last weekend, outperformed the big-budget fantasy action game Warcraft and the sequel to the magical action thriller Now You See Me 2. The three new films This release is also sequentially in the top three of the box office ladder last week.