Dogs have varying degrees of understanding. There are dogs that are very fast to learn, some are very slow. There is a learning with motivated food, toys or there are just playing with the owner only. There is also a very difficult to be motivated. Puppies at a young age are very energetic and sometimes destructive. Most owners do not like or complain about the obnoxious new puppies. Puppies at this age learn everything very quickly, be it good and bad. Any experience that he gained in this age, will have a significant effect in the future because the experience is embedded at a small time including potty train a puppy. As a dog owner, we must be wise in training puppies. We must be firm, yet kind, just, patient, and consistent. The more we can control our emotions, the better we are as coaches. Socialization and self-esteem are very important in shaping the puppies we have. Often we see an unusual dog or a fear of a certain place, it is due to lack of socialization and habituation at the time of the puppies. It is better to familiarize your siblings for exploration and socialization, which is very influential in the future.

Socialization for puppies means giving positives to puppies to interact with humans, other puppies, and animals. Self-esteem means for saplings is to introduce various places, situations, goods, surfaces, smells, sounds, so that he is familiar with various things around him. It is very important to provide a fun atmosphere for the puppies you have during his exploration. If you’ve heard that the seedling age before 3 months, should not go anywhere because the vaccine is not yet complete, not too precise. If we see the puppies before 3 months, if we do not bring socialization and only at home, it is less good. Indeed previously both doctors and breeders have a point for fear of a canine cough, or other viruses, but in the house or kennel does not mean there is no virus. At home, we meet each puppy dog ??when we come home from home, clothes, shoes, hands, etc. There is just a virus that had come from anywhere, maybe from the pet shop we visit or our friends who fit the dog, and so forth. So mind like do not bring chicks out of the house before the age of 3 months, throw away.