An abandoned building at 1495 Ave becomes a boxing gym

If you visit the upper east side of the NYC back in 2016, you will definitely see an old and abandoned building that has stood around for years. Since the past 10 years, it has become a bad structure which disturbs the atmosphere of the entire neighborhood. While this area is blooming with many health and beauty centers, this particular building falls into disrepair, and it really is an eyesore for the people in the area. Fortunately, right now this building is currently managed by the UES boxing gym lease, and they’re planning to turn it into a boxing center in 2017.

It’s first being purchased by samy Mahfar, a big shot in the real-estate industry back in September 2016. If samy doesn’t realize the excellent business opportunity which is being offered by that building at that time, we may still be seeing it as a bad addition for the area up to this day. Thankfully, it has been bought by samy from its previous owner, Cavallo Mirrors & Antiques after it has fallen into disrepair for the past 10 years. Right now, it will no longer become a creepy old building in 1495 Third Avenue anymore, and it will become a well-facilitated boxing gym soon.

The company which signs the lease for this building, the Rumble Fitness plans to open up this new boxing center in 2017. However, this one will be able to stand out among the rest of the fitness centers in the area. It’s because this one will be focused on facilitating its customers with the boxing facilities, and that’s why it will attract the different types of customers. Even the members of the other gym might try this new one as well if they wish to try the boxing for once in a while. This will be a perfect addition to an area which is already full with the blooming fitness centers, instead of still being a bad and disrepair building for another 10 years. It’s all thanks to samy Mahfar and the Rumble Fitness as well.