Know the AC Types Of Differences and Their Use

Know the AC type of the difference and its use is a split type, window, central and tower. AC is known as air conditioner while heating the room is not referred to as air conditioning although its function also conditioned the room to be comfortable for residents of the house. AC in its development undergo many changes, there are several kinds of air conditioner that many used until today even though technology continue to progress. AC window has started to be rarely used, to install this type is usually part of the wall must be renovated in advance to be able to enter all parts of this air conditioner. This type of air conditioner has a heat exchanger and evaporator section placed in a box. The compact form had made this type of air conditioning to be excellent. The way of placement or installation of this unit is to use the wall as a barrier of air portion that is thrown between hot and cold. The cold air will be blown into the room. While the hot air will be discharged out of the room on the back of the unit. All components are compressors and others are placed into one box. But over time, this type is much replaced with AC Split which is easier to install and more efficient. To perform maintenance on your air conditioner, you can submit this problem at

Secondly, AC Split is the most widely used air conditioner in homes today. This type has 2 main units that are placed separately in two different locations. The cooling unit will be placed indoors, while the unit to dispose of heat will be placed outside the room and connected with the power supply and Freon pipe. Part of the outer unit consists of a compressor and a fan to help speed up the cooling and heat dissipation processes of the Heat Exchanger unit. To install it is quite easy, no need to make a hole the size of the air conditioner to install the air cooler. Simply make a small hole to install the external pipe and electrical installation. There is also called Central Sentral, this type is widely used in the office and at the mall, the entire machine is placed in a special room that is far apart from the room to be cooled. In the room, there is only a funnel in charge of air circulation evenly to every cooling point in the room. This system requires a mature calculation before installation, the entire ceiling above the room is usually installed heat insulation for cooling more efficiently.