Dangers of Lacking Dental Care For Pregnant Women

It is undeniable that during pregnancy women tend to be lazy to do a lot of activity. They are too focused on the fetus so forget about their care so that eventually can affect the body and the baby. For example, taking care of oral hygiene. If the pregnant mother is not diligent in maintaining the health of her teeth, then the baby in the womb can be infected with a number of diseases and can even be carried away until the baby is born. If you need help taking care of your teeth, you can visit www.strathconadental.ca/.

Because of nausea and vomiting, plus the pleasure of eating foods that are sour or sweet to reduce nausea and vomiting, the dental problems increasingly piled up. Because the sweet foods can cause the pH of the mouth to become sour. In fact, the more lazy brushing and cleaning the teeth, the greater the threat to the baby. Because the mother loses her appetite, the intake of food for the baby is reduced. Babies can be born prematurely and have low birth weight