Students need laundry service

The existence of a laundry business in a boarding-lodging area provides a huge business opportunity. Laundry business provides laundry service and other goods. The community around and especially students become the target of the laundry business. Time efficiency and cost be a guarantee that makes many students use laundry services It is a common sight line of clothes seen on the side of the road being sun-dried. From here the laundry business opportunity in the boarding-house area is quite open. Students as the main focus have an important role in the progress of laundry business. The use of laundry services by students long enough range of one to two years. From here it can be seen that in the period of time the use of Laundry services Men are not much different than women.

Use of laundry service in one month, women have intense use of laundry service is high enough. The needs of women are quite a lot in a dress than men. Can be seen from the frequency of women using laundry services. The number of clothes that become the needs of students to make laundry business growing quite rapidly. Of the weight of clothing brought by male students is no more different than women, up to more than five kilogrammes. One of the factors that make laundry to be sold among students is the price that is neglected for students. Almost all students say agree with the relatively cheap price.